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The Weekness


Music has never been a chance: it weaves the long way to happiness.As a chubby child, I stood in my room beating a drum waiting for the best idea of the century to come up. As always, I earned just another box of snacks. Have you ever felt so hungry that watching the world as a galactic croissant looks never enough? I did. I was hungry, bored and trebling.During your childhood, you understand what makes you happy. Finally, you spend the rest of your life trying to forget almost everything about it. Then, as a conscientious guy, I decided not to learn anything else apart from what I already had in mind, namely rock 'n roll, unrecommended experiences and worth visiting disasters.We all grow up under the same sky but with different stars. I have never watched them: I was used to find my own mentors over my headphones. John Bonham, Lemmy Kilmister, James Brown, Daft Punk... I realised I was going with the flow and I liked it. Actually, I was not simply going with it, I was the flood itself and, as the river ends its march into the sea, I turned myself into a sea of influences and dreams and energy.I decided to take my laptop and keyboards starting to synthesise waves. Is it just a wish? No, it is just a honest job for a sweep of unsettled water. Why doing something else? - Don't do that, mate - someone thundered. - It is dangerous, music doesn't pay its bills -. - Don't worry - I replied. - I'm getting ready for the biggest party in the world! It is the end of the world itself, everyone is gonna be there. I'm just preparing the best soundtrack I can. We will dance, mate, we will dance 'til the end -.


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